Club Penguin Dojo
Where At the Dojo Courtyard.
Opened October 24, 2005
Closed Still open
Games Card-Jitsu and all spinoffs.

The Dojo, once called the Mystery Mountain, was on the island from it's start.


Before Card-Jitsu was known, the dojo was empty and penguins pretended to have wars, and since a dojo is related to ninjas, many hung around looking for ninja evidence. On October 22, 2008, the great storm of 2008 hit and the dojo was covered in snow.

The Penguin named ?????? dug it out a few weeks later, along with many other eager Penguins. ?????? was  then revealed Sensei, and is the master of Card-Jitsu.

In May 2013, an avalanche hit and the Ninja Hideout closed down. Then Card-Jitsu Snow opened, the Dojo was renovated, and non-members and non-ninjas could access the elemental dojos.

Ninja JokeEdit

Sensei made a practical joke saying that the quickest way to become a ninja is to stand completely still in the dojo for half an hour. This is false because Club Penguin will log you off if you are inactive for 10 minutes.