Ninja Hideout
[[Picture 9|200px]]
Where At the Dojo Courtyard in the left hut.
Opened 17 November 2008
Closed 23 May 2013
Games Card-Jitsu, Card-Jitsu Fire, Card-Jitsu Water

The Ninja Hideout was a room for ninjas only, as the name suggests. You could play Card-Jitsu there.

Martial Artworks CatalogEdit

Main Article: Martial Artworks

Martial Artworks is a catalog for ninjas that are members. All of the descriptions of the items are written in haiku. It includes clothes as well as furniture.


  • You can get in the Ninja Hideout without being a Ninja by using Penguin Storm but using this is ILLEGAL.
  • If a buddy is there, it says they are "In Hiding". The only other places that say this are the Spy Headquarters or the Command Room which is accessed via the Spy Headquarters.
  • When the Hideout closed, the catalog and all elemental dojo entrances moved to the main Dojo.
    • Non-members and non-ninjas could then access the elemental dojos and play the spinoffs of Card-Jitsu.