A series 2 power card.

A Power Card is a special type of card that makes an animation of the picture on the card when used. They are numbered 9-12, and can change the battle by discarding cards, changing numbers of cards, discarding cards, and blocking elements.

List of starter power cardsEdit

  1. Jackhammer - Fire, 10, Yellow - The card scorer gets a jackhammer and starts drilling.
  2. Firefighter - Water, 10, Yellow - The card scorer becomes a firefighter and sprays the opponent with a hose.
  3. Aqua Grabber - Water, 10, Orange - The Dojo becomes an ocean. The card scorer is driving an Aqua Grabber sub and pinches the opponent with the claw.
  4. Sled Racing - Snow, 10, Green - A mountain appears and both penguins are wearing pink pompom hats. The card scorer is riding down the mountain on an inner tube and flips the opponent.
  5. Dojo Sketch - Fire, 10, Yellow - The dojo becomes white and a large pencil and draws a  top hat, tie, and mustache on the opponent. It then erases it but also erases the penguin's beak. The opponent jumps and draws back a beak.


  • Only power cards can be used in Card-Jitsu Snow.
    • The damage an opponent takes from a power card in Card-Jitsu Snow is the same as the power card's number (takes 11 damage if card value is 11)
      • Water power cards do double damage, fire power cards damage and stun enemies (cannot attack you for one turn), and snow power cards damage enemies and boost teammates' health.
  • Power cards can affect surrounding tiles in Card-Jitsu Water.
  • You can buy them from Martial Artworks for 1,500 coins.
  • Some power cards in the trading card game cannot be unlocked online, like Water Ninja or Water Sensei from special tins.